2016 San Clemente Ocean Festival

The San Clemente Ocean Festival is a volunteer organization, dedicated to the promotion and support of ocean safety, the environment, and the community by providing a quality athletic venue and enjoyable family event.

I have been going there for the past 3 years, including this year and I cannot believe I missed this event for all these years I have been living here. I took 100’s of images during the event, but it will be taking some time to process all these photos.

Each year, there are about 14 vintage cars lined up on the pier. This year, I focused more on the details of these old beauties rather than the entire cars. Here is a detail of a convertible Chrysler Town & Country.

2016 Ocean Festival

One photographer asked an athlete to walk back & forth to take some shots. I did not want to miss this opportunity.

2016 Ocean Festival

It is all about team work and friendship!2016 Ocean Festival

A lifeguard watching out for any people in distress she may need to assist (or taking out swimmers interfering with the event).2016 Ocean Festival

Being a Lifeguard is not an easy job….

2016 Ocean Festival

Running to win! This was a competition where the lifeguards had to safe someone in distress.

2016 Ocean Festival

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