Create Facebook Cover quickly

This blog shall show you a quick and easy way to create your Facebook Header in a few minutes. I discovered this website a few years ago and was really addicted. Since I have bought Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz and On1 software, I only use it occasionally.

The Website I use is called Be Funky and is probably one if not the best online photo editing software you can have. I am not affiliated in any form or shape with this website and just want to share one of my photo editing secrets.

BeFunky Collage

In order to create a Facebook header like this, you can follow a few simple steps by visiting the BeFunky website.

First, select the collage Maker option:


I usually select the layout first, but for this blog, you can start by uploading the images you want to add to your Facebook header first. Select the first icon and upload the images you want from your computer.

Step 1


Once you have uploaded your images, you can select the Layout you wish to create


You have many layouts you can select from. The free version of this software has quiet some great layouts you can use. The service doesn’t cost too much and you may even go for the paid version I used many years ago.

Facebook Cover

Select the layout you want – I like the one used for this blog the best.

Select Layout

Once you have selected the layout, populate it with the images you selected previously. You can add more images as you design your Facebook Cover Image. Just go back to the image selector and drag & drop the images into your layout.

Place Images

You can change the layout by having rounded corners, change the spacing of the frame and much more. Check out all the options you have on the left hand side and also check out the image editor not described here:


Change the settings as you please and hit the ‘Save’ button on top of the image to save it to your computer.


I hope this has been useful and saves some time for you creating your social media layouts.

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