Keep your photographic mind engaged

This is one of my first articles writing about my adventures in photography and about my experience in showcasing my work.

As a photographer, you certainly want to grow and learn new things, find new subjects and probably learn new techniques. But how to get motivated? How get others engaged to review your work and how to get noticed can be a challenge. I have posted my work to many sites. For some sites, I lost interest as I did not find the crowd I like and for others, I am only excited for 24 – 48 hours as after that, your latest photos drop off the radar for many.

Just a few months ago, I joined Viewbug where photographers can find photo contests and challenges on a daily basis. It may be tough to win a great prize with the contest they offer, but I love the challenges created by peer photographers.

These challenges often get your inspiration going and you may learn new things or have new ideas that help you to grow. You can even create your own photo challenges and see how others can capture that special moment or subject your are looking for new ideas for.

One challenge I took part in was to post ‘Double Exposure’ photos. I had never thought about this topic and I had to come up with something like the image below. I am sure that there are many, many other great photo sites, but for now I spend some time on Viewbug and see how it goes.

Double Exposure

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