Vintage Cameras

A few months ago I went to a local thrift store and to my amazement, they just have received a box of vintage cameras, some dating back to the early 1900’s. Visit my online portfolio with images you can download today!

In the coming weeks, I will post a few images of each camera with some description that may be interesting you. I hope you enjoy

Kodak Colorsnap 35, model 2

The Kodak Colorsnap 35 – largely a 35mm version of the Bantam Colorsnap, was made in the UK by Kodak Ltd. The 43.9mm f3.9 Anaston lens is set in a single-speed shutter, with aperture scale marked in weather symbols and EV numbers. The underside of the lens barrel is marked with the film speed scale, which calibrates the aperture for the weather symbols and combines with a flash distance scale. Fitting for screw-and pin flash is provided on the users left. There is a frame counter disc on the top right, which needs to be manually reset on loading

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