Multi Lens preset in Nik Collection

You may have heard about Nik Collection. It is an awesome plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop. Google bought the software to offer it for free. But in 2018, the software was sold to DxO and is now available as standalone solution.  Please note, I don’t get paid for referring to DxO in any form and shape.

If you still want to use the old preset version, you should be able to download it from google for Windows and Mac.

This short tutorial is meant to give you some inspiration to edit your photos with Nik’s Multi Lens presets, found in Analog Efex Pro 2.

First, open your image in PS or LR and edit it to your likening. You can do it manually or use presets, such as the ones offered by Use Promo Code JDPhoto if you purchase any Contrastly presets or products and you get a 20% discount.

Open your image in Nik Collectin by selecting ‘Analog Efex Pro 2’.

Once the plugin finished to load, click the ‘Classic Camera’ Selection and switch over to ‘Multilens’:

For this tutorial, we want to select the ‘Multilens 5’ preset. Scroll down and select this preset:

You can now adjust each section of the 4 image squares as you wish, by rotating, resizing and moving the images to fit your inspiration:

After doing that, you can select the sliders on the right hand side to adjust many layers, such as:

  • Basic Adjustments (details, exposure etc.)
  • Lens distortion
  • Add/remove scratches, dirt, lint etc.
  • Select film type
  • MultiLens adjustments (includes border width and if you want it in black or white)
  • etc.

Nik Collection has an awesome feature allowing you to set ‘Control Points’ and adjust areas of your image. Just select the control point, place it on the image you want to adjust and for the multilens, it will apply the changes to all 4 images at once.

Once you are happy with your results, you can save your image and edit it in LR or PS to give your final touch to your master piece:

Save it and share it with your customers, friends and family.

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