Picfair+ Store Watermark | Convert and upload

If you have a Picfair+ store, you can now add your custom watermark. This short tutorial explains how I did convert my custom logo into a watermark and add it to my store with a few easy steps, using the FREE image editor Irfanview (download it from here).

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First, have your logo ready and open it in Irfanview:

Convert your image into a Gray image by pressing Ctrl+G or following the path below:


You probably want to reduce the strength of the image and fade it away a bit not to be too strong and distracting. It should be more like the original watermark Picfair is using as a standard.

Press Shift+G to fade it as you wish by moving the sliders, especially the Gamma Correction slider as desired:

Save the image to your local drive and add any transparency you may to add. Note, you will have to save it as PNG file to achieve the transparency of the white areas. Press Ctrl+S to save your logo and select the PNG format.

A pop-up window will appear where you can save it with transparent background.

Click anywhere on the background to select the color that shall be used for transparency:

Once you have saved your file, you can then go ahead and upload it into your Picfair+ store. You may need to repeat or adjust the opacity (gamma correction) until you get the results you are looking for.

Once you update the store, it may take some time until all images are re-generated and updated with your new watermark:

I hope this helps to get your personalized watermark up and running fast.

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