Promoting your photos on Social Media

With all the social media platforms, it is often hard to keep up with all of them. The two online solutions I love the most are Twuffer and Crowdfire.

Twuffer: OMG! It’s a Twitter buffer!

Twuffer allows you to schedule unlimited tweets via Excel upload. So, if you have some campaigns or just don’t have time to tweet specific information every day. Twuffer is what you want to do. However, it is just a scheduling tool and has some challenges. If you want to re-organize some tweets or stop them, may be frustrating. Organize and check your data file twice before you upload your tweets. It is just a simple tool without too many options to manage your scheduled tweets.

For me it works fine. The only issues I had with Twuffer was that I could not sort or mass delete tweets when I accidentally uploaded a bunch of tweets that had all the same date and time.

In another instance, I did upload the same file twice but with different dates, which caused Twitter to reject these tweets as these were deemed ‘duplicates’.

To make it short, I like the premium version despite the shortcomings as it does what I need. Twuffer only works with Twitter and I hope that one day they will support other social media platforms.

Another tool I am using is the free version of Crowdfire. As I don’t make any money from my tweets and posts, I opt for the free versions when I can and probably will upgrade to paid versions once I have enough followers and generate income from my imagery.

Crowfire supports Twitter and Instagram.

As for instagram, it is not possible to post from Crowdfire directly to Instagram, but the tool will send you a notification to your mobile device with the image you want to post. The free version gives you probably 10 scheduled posts.

Once you receive the notification, you open it in Instagram and paste the text from the clipboard where it is placed by the Crowdfire apps. I love it as I can schedule and do my IG posts on the go. The best thing is that I can enter keywords, text and images online without having to type these in on the tiny keyboard on my mobile device.

I hope this short blog helps you to streamline your social media projects. If you want more information added to this blog, feel free to use the contact form form this page.

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