Surfer Funeral Service

On August 21st I went to the San Clemente Pier trying to get some great surfer shots. By accident, I came across a funeral service for Jerry, a local surfer who apparently died from a bacterial infection he caught after a minor accident.

I don’t know too much about this surfer, but just wanted to share with you how a memorial service is held.

Here it is what I witnessed: The surfer friends and family form a circle around the surf board in the middle of it.


After the ceremony, the surfboard is covered with flowers and flower petals by all of his/her friends:

flower petals

Flwers on a board

The ashes of the surfer are put to ‘rest’ in the ocean:

August_2016 300_Finding Uncle Remo_WM

After the surfer was put to rest, his friends and family had the chance to say their last good-bye.


Thank you for your time and for reading this article. May he rest in peace.


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