The Life of a Palm Tree

Earlier this year, I started to go for long walks on the beach in vicinity where I live. The beach has a rather large section with a parking lot where I usually find people literally living there in their old RV’s or people just vacationing. Due to the El Nino, the entire section was closed for RV’s due to erosion and flooding of the parking lot.   This made the entire section more appealing to bikers, joggers and people on all sort of non motorized vehicles.

At one point, I pointed out a palm tree with the ocean as backdrop. I started to place my camera on a bench and took photos of many people passing by. Over the weeks, the ocean did start to eat away the grounds of the palm tree I liked so much until it fell down and was cut into pieces and hauled away. I am happy that I documented the last weeks of the palm trees life:

Still Standing Tall

Tree down! Still gives some character to the image.

May_2016_ 206_peNIK_WM

Tree gone completely – could be anywhere on the beach now….

Mar-25-2016 402_WM

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